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Central Heating

Central heating is a complicated system, there are pipes, switches and valves everywhere and when something is wrong with the radiators, it is never clear what the problem is or how to solve it. Plumbers deal with central heating systems everyday so they can easily identify a problem and work to resolve it whilst having industry based knowledge of brands and types of systems.

If the problem is that the radiator isn't heating up, you could have problems with the valves and this will require someone with expert knowledge to fix. Issues with the valves involve blockages, closed valves and faulty thermostat valves so you'll need someone to identify the exact problem.

Sometimes people can have issues with just one set of radiators. For example, the upstairs radiators could be cold whereas the downstairs ones are in working order. This is because the system that they run from is separated. It will take someone highly trained to figure out where the problem lies, maybe it's the expansion tank or ball valve. Without knowing exactly what you're looking for you run the risk of causing further damage so getting expert assistance can be the key to heating success.

Radiators can also leak sometimes which is an indication that the expansion tank needs filling, sounds complicated? That's because most people don't know where or what the expansion tank is, plumbers have this sort of training when qualifying. Internal corrosion as well as pipe leaks can also occur in your central heating system, all of which will have to be fixed by a plumber. One of the best ways of preventing central heating problems is by getting regular services to identify issues before they take hold.

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