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Garstang is a small town within the Wyre borough of Lancashire. It is 10 miles from the City of Preston and is 11 miles from south of Lancaster. Garstang has an estimated population of around 4,000 people and it is well known as being the world’s first ever fairtrade town. Since Garstang is a small town out on its own it can be hard to find a professional plumber; but not if you visit My Trusted Plumber.

Finding a plumber can often be quite difficult, especially if you live in a small town like Garstang. Being such a distance from any major city or larger town means that it can be hard to get a plumber out to your home to help with any plumbing jobs that you need taking care of, however, with My Trusted Plumber we have professional plumbers on hand who work in the local area and can be there to aide you in an instant. We have many recommended plumbers available who are skilled in many areas such as fixing any leaks or floods, mending any boiler problems and making sure your house or business is gas safe. Our plumbers are also available to help with any new kitchen fittings and bathroom installations.

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At My Trusted Plumber you will find an array of plumbers who are at hand to fix your plumbing problem. We have many rated plumbers who have been hired by other customers and have done a great job for them. By letting us know that a plumber has done a good job, we are able to see which man is best for other customers.

To find a local plumber in your area all you have to do is fill in a simple form on our website letting us know where you are and what plumbing job you need help with. We will then send you a list of five hand-picked local plumbers to choose from and you can decide a time and date that is best for you to come to your home or business and fix your plumbing problem.

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