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Leaks and Floods

Plumbing is vital in every room of the house with pipes under the floor and on the walls. However, it is the kitchen and bathroom that see most of the plumbing action with all of the furniture and appliances that are related to water. Unfortunately, this puts these rooms at the most risk of flooding due to the multitude of pipes and prospect of leaky taps.

If you do have a leaking tap and are ultimately wasting water you can call a plumber to find the source of your leak to get it rectified. Not only do leaking taps waste valuable water, but a constant drip over an extended period of time will also add to your water bill. Hiring a plumber to fix such problems is the most efficient option. Once your plumber has detected the source of the leak, they can then work to fix it. So if you have a drippy bathroom tap, now is the time to get it looked at.

There are number of things that can cause flooding in your home. One of the biggest contenders, due to its increased usage, is the washing machine. If the hose on the back of the machine comes off, you can be quickly left with a pool of water that has gushed out from the machine. Not only will you have to replace the hose, but you will also have to reconnect it which can be a tricky job. Although this is something that many people try to do themselves, the hose is often connected to the incorrect attachment which is not good for the machine or the environment, so it is always better to call in a professional plumber.

It's not just your appliances that can cause flooding either. The winter months are especially prone to causing piping issues and if they are not insulated properly, you could find that you wake up one morning and they are frozen. Even a little drippy tap can cause the pipes to freeze and then you just have to hope that it thaws out without causing a burst. If you were to turn the tap on and no water came out, it is likely that you have a burst pipe somewhere in the system and you'll need to get someone to come out and fix it as soon as possible, you can't have a fully functioning house without water.

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